What Happens To My Solar Panels When It Snows?


You may have heard a common myth that solar panels do not work during winter because of the amount of sun during the cold. This is quite the opposite, in fact, solar panels like the cold weather.  As the degree of coldness drops below 77 degrees F, most electronic devices work more efficiently. This fun fact also applies to your solar panels.

As another Nor’easter looms, here a few facts you should consider.

Snowfall should not damage your solar panels because the PV system’s support structure are tested to withstand heavy amounts of snow.

Is it worth cleaning snow off your panels?

Safety of your life is important, you do not want to risk your life to climb a ladder to clear snow off your panels on your roof.

Alternatively, you can clear snow off your panels with a solar panel snow rake specially made for doing this job. Although, we will not recommend this as this may scratch the glass panels and your 25-year panel product warranty does not include damage caused by the homeowner.

Take measures when dealing with snow on your solar panels. Don’t melt the snow with rock salt, or car wax.

Most panels are tilted at a 35 degrees angle and have gathered enough winter sunlight that will melt the snow and slide off the surface.

You don’t need to worry about your solar panels producing energy during the snow storm. The snowfall will temporarily stop production of excess energy. Although, the solar panels will be more effective after the snow has melted, producing electricity for your home.

Should your third party owned panel system get damaged in the snowstorm and it is not damage caused by the homeowner, Resonant Energy can take care of any repairs at no added cost to you.

Stay warm and keep safe.

Oyin Okusanya

Outreach and Marketing Fellow

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