Codman Square Goes Solar would not be possible without the support from our community, both individually and organizationally. Our residents and partners are what make CSGS happen.

Here’s a little bit of information about each of our partners:


Codman Square Neighborhood Council

The Codman Square Neighborhood Council is made up of residents and community partners seeking to improve living and working in Codman Square. It informs the community of opportunities to strengthen their health, families and neighborhood. It works to empower residents by increasing communication between the Codman Square community, government departments and elected officials to move Codman Square forward.


Second Church in Dorchester

Welcome to Second Church in Dorchester, a Church of the Nazarene. We are located in the historic neighborhood of Codman Square, Dorchester, named after Dr. John Codman, the first pastor of the church Second Church. We are a vibrant, growing church in the middle of an urban community in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, offering many opportunities for involvement through worship, education, missions and outreach ministries. Our people are from diverse backgrounds and offer a rich resource for our society.


Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

The mission of the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation ( the “NDC”) is to build a better, stronger community in Codman Square and South Dorchester by creating housing and commercial spaces that are safe, sustainable, and affordable, promoting financial and economic stability for residents and for the neighborhood, and providing residents of all ages with opportunities and skills to empower themselves to improve their lives.


Co-op Power

Co-op Power is a consumer-owned sustainable energy cooperative. We operate within a regional network of Community Energy Cooperatives to create a multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future.


Resonant Energy

Resonant Energy exists to create coalitions that empower people to plan, finance, and build clean energy projects and put communities in control of their own transition. We believe that clean, affordable energy is a right, not just for those at the top, but for 100% of people.


Epiphany School

Epiphany School is an independent, tuition-free middle school for children of economically-disadvantaged families from Boston neighborhoods. They work in close partnership with families, and are an innovative learning community that affords structured support to help students thrive. Epiphany challenges students to discover and develop the fullness of their individual gifts. They seek to prepare graduates who will contribute intelligently, morally, and actively to the society they will inherit.