Energy Efficiency At Home

There are a number of ways you can make your home more sustainable, and knock some money off your energy bill. Simple changes can boost energy efficiency.

You may consider these energy saving improvements:

  • Invest in solar panels
  • Install new, controllable storage heaters.
  • Fit thermostats and controls to make your existing system more productive.
  • Consider making insulation and draught-proofing upgrades.
  • Replace your system with an efficient boiler system.
  • Have a loft insulation
  • Insulate a hot water tank (Insulating exposed pipes keeps your water warmer for a long period of time)


Make the most of the free electricity from your solar panels

You could try:

  • Charging mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets during the day and using their battery power at night.
  • Using an electric slow cooker to cook your food during the day.
  • Defrosting and cleaning fridges and freezers regularly can help keep them working efficiently.
  • Get loaded. A half-empty washing machine or dishwasher wastes energy and water.
  • Turning off appliances when not in use. That little red ‘standby’ light means you’re using electricity – all the time!

Alternatively you may be able to store some of the energy produced by your solar panels with a little help from your installer.

Having an immersion heater connected to your panels is a good way to store your energy for when you need it.

Oyin Okusanya

Outreach and Marketing Fellow

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